Spring Pond Clean Out

These are the standard services we provide in our cleaning.

  • Drain pond part way down.  Put some of the pond water into our covered holding tank
  • Catch and place fish in our holding tank with an aerator.
  • Cleaning pond – we can do this in one of two ways:

1)  Complete clean out with pressure washer and OXY Wash oxidizer.


2)  80% drain leaving some water allowing some of the good bacteria to survive the cleaning.  Remove heavy debris from side walls and using our Cyclone Pond Vac to remove sludge and debris from the bottom of pond.

  • Start to refill pond.  Customer may need to finish filling pond with water.
  • Test water and make recommendations as needed.
  • Acclimate fish back into your pond.

To request a quote:

  • Email karen@waterxscapes.com with your answers to the below questions and at least 4 current pictures of your pond. (emails must be under 10 MB in size)


  • Call 330-896-9811 (this line is unable to receive texts) and request a quote. We will ask you the below questions and have you text us at least 4 current pictures of your pond.
  • Fill out the form below:

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