Aquatic Plants

When constructing or maintaining a water garden or pond, plants are an important part of developing a healthy ecosystem. A variety of floaters, submersibles, marginals, lilies and lotuses all contribute to the balance of the ecosystem.   We hope the information below will help you decide what kinds of plant life might benefit your pond, and we hope you’ll visit our selection soon.

Submerged Aquatics

Growing these plants at the bottom of your pond is Mother Nature’s solution to green water. We suggest one bunch per two square feet of pond surface area.

 We stock both Anacharis and Hornwort.
  • Anacharis (Egeria densa) has whirls of deep, green leaves.  Occasionally sends tiny flowers to the surface.  It competes with algae by absorbing nutrients from the water.  Hardy To Zones 5 / 6.
  • Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) has no true roots, but can be anchored in the bottom of the pond.  These also compete with algae by absorbing nutrients from the water to keep your pond clear. Hardy to Zone 4.

Floating Aquatics

Adding floating plants to a pond provides cover for fish, helps keep water cooler, and absorbs nutrients through dangling roots to prevent green water. We suggest one plant per ten to fifteen square feet of pond surface area.

 We stock both Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce.
  • Water Hyacinth (Eichornia Crassipes) has nearly transparent, intense lavender blue flowers that stand well above deep, waxy-green foliage.  Considered an annual in the north with a fast growth rate.  May be somewhat invasive.
  • Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratoides) is a unique light green lettuce-like foliage plant that floats peacefully on the water’s surface.  It does best in moving water and prefers some shade.  Considered an annual in the north with a fast growth rate. These are only hardy down south.


Marginal water plants grow in shallow water or in moist soil around the perimeter of the water garden. The largest selection of water plants falls within this group. We have a wide selection of marginals, so stop in or contact us to find out what we have in stock. They should be incorporated into twenty-five percent of the perimeter of your pond.

Water Lilies and Lotus

We also have a wide variety of water lilies and lotus.  One of our specialties are tropical lilies. The vibrant colors are what grab you. They have a longer blooming season than hardy lilies. Tropical lilies are not hardy enough to survive the Ohio winters outdoors, but people love them for their exotic leaves and unique flowers. Night bloomers are great for anyone who works or enjoys the stunning colors and vibrancy at night. Enjoying night blooming lilies is a great way to decrease stress and wind down.

Our staff can help you find a water lily or lotus and help you learn how to take care of them so you can get the most from these beautiful plants.

Hardy Lilies


Tropical Lilies