Lake Management

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One of the unique areas we have at Water X Scapes are our products for earthen bottom ponds and lakes.  Most garden centers don’t have the knowledge or expertise to handle these items.  We do and we can provide you not only with a wide variety of products like floating fountains, fish, and chemicals that will make your earthen bottom pond or lake more beautiful and clean and clear of algae but also with the knowledge of how to properly install and maintain these massive water features and things in them.  If you have specific questions about what we have in stock or how we can help you stop in or contact us.


We carry a variety of water fountains and water fountain products. Fountains range is size from small fountains used in pottery and pond-free water features up to the largest ones that will only work in multi-acre ponds. We carry all sizes and can help you pick the right one for your water feature. We also have all of the components for your garden fountain including fountain pumps, fittings, light attachments, and fountain nozzles.