Water Gardens

Here at Water X Scapes, our goal is to help you build and maintain your dream water garden. We have experts that can help you through every step and the products and aquatic plants to help you build exactly what you want. Using the correct plants and technology we can help you have a low maintenance and healthy water garden.



A pond skimmer will help keep your pond clean and healthy. It provides extra filtration and removes debris from the pond water’s surface which helps to protect your pond pump from clogging. To read more about Filtrific products click the link here

Skimmer2 Skimmer


At Water X Scapes we have a variety of waterfalls and biofalls.  We have falls from the smallest sizes up to ones over 2 feet in width.  We also have an assortment of biofalls which are a combination of waterfalls and a biological filters that combine to add beauty and functionality to your pond.

BioFalls BioFalls2

Liner & Underlayment

Liner and underlayment are used together to form the barrier that keeps the water in your pond.  We sell a variety of hard liners and several widths of the highest quality flexible liners.



The pump will be the heart of your pond.  It keeps your water moving, allowing it to flow over your falls and add the beautiful sounds of gurgling water and the amazing sight of water rushing down into your water gardens basin.  More importantly, the gurgling water is a sure sign that your water is becoming oxygenated, which keeps your fish alive, and the flow of makes sure the bacteria in your biological filter is alive and healthy.  Since the pump is the heart of your pond, we have made it one of the most important products we sell at Water X Scapes.  We have an array of pumps ranging from the smallest, useful for small water features and fountains, up to the largest pumps, that can only be used in earthen bottom lakes.  We also carry several brands that give you options in warranty and electrical consumptions. Manufacturers include Atlantic and Matala Pond accessories

AtlanticPump AtlanticPumpsmatala pumps

Fittings and Hoses

Our inventory of fittings and hoses are immense.  We have everything you could ever need to connect you pumps, filters, falls, and an other equipment you need for you pond and we have it in a full range of sizes.

Fittings Bulkhead fitting


Filtration and Cleaning

Keep your pond clean and clear with our wide selection of Matala filter mat in four different densities and three sizes, to fit your needs. We also carry Matala Pond Vac II; a quick and easy way to keep your pond free of muck and grime!

matala filtermatala muck vac II


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