Tips for opening and maintaining your pond’s ecosystem and preparing it for summer. There will be a Q & A session at the end.

Sunday, April 6th- 12:30pm

Saturday, April 12th- 9:30am

Wednesday, April 23rd-5:30pm



Planning your Water Garden properly is a must.  Save time, money and frustration.  Learn how to choose the correct pump, filter and other parts of the pond to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Saturday, April 5th- 9:30am

Sunday, April 13th- 1:00pm

Thursday, April 17th- 5:30pm

Pondless Water Features

Fountains, Bubbling Pottery, Bubbling Boulders, Waterfalls without a pond. Learn how easy it is to relax and enjoy the sound, sights and beauty of water!

Saturday, April 5th- 2:00pm

Tuesday, April15th-5:30pm

Rain Barrels / Rain Harvesting

Save time and money and help better the environment.  Learn about the use and installation of a rain harvesting system for your home.

Saturday, April 5th-11:00am

Sunday, April 13th- 3:00pm, Hands On Installation

Lakes & Ponds – Earthen Bottom

Learn everything you need to know for maintaining a beautiful earthen bottom lake or pond.

Sunday, April 6th- 3:00pm

Saturday, April 12th- 12:30pm

* Please call us at 330.896.9811 to reserve your seat now!