Winterizing Water Gardens & Koi Ponds

These are the standard services we provide in our cleaning. Combine this service with Fall Cleanout for the best price and best pond maintenance.

  • Remove pump, clean and prepare for storage.  Need a bucket and distilled water?  We can provide it.
  • Clean filters and prepare filter media for storage or handle per customers request.
  • Remove all tropical plants including Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce. Prepare all other aquatic plants for winter.
  • Observe fish for any sign of disease or other problems and make recommendations if needed.
  • Install de-icer and aerator.
  • Cover pond and streams with netting to keep leaves and debris out.
  • It is highly recommended that you stop feeding your fish when water temperatures hit 50°F and are getting colder.
    • Also stop feeding your fish for the winter as soon as your pond is winterized, whichever happens first.
  • Water additives, nets, de-icers, aerators, etc. will be available in our vehicles if purchase is needed.

To request a quote.  You can either:

  • Email with your answers to the below questions and at least 4 current pictures of your pond. (emails must be under 10 MB in size)
  • Call 330-896-9811 (this line is unable to receive texts) and request a quote.  We will ask you the below questions and have you text us at least 4 current pictures of your pond.
  • Fill out the form below:

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