Dr. T's Mosquito Repelling Granules

  • 5 lb. container
  • Repeals mosquitoes from your yard
  • Starts working in as little as an hour
  • Easy application
  • Non-toxic and Biodegradable
  • Natural, environmentally friendly insect control alternative
  • Treats up to 4,000 sq. ft.

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Dr. T's Mosquito Repelling Granules by Summit Chemical, Inc.  

Dr. T's 5 lb. Mosquito Repellent is made with a natural formula that includes lemon grass, mint and garlic oils. This repellent can be easily and quickly applied with the built-in sprinkler cap. You can also apply to your yard with a fertilizer spreader if desired. This product contains enough granules to protect up to 4,000 sq. ft. and will start becoming effective within an hour! For ideal efficiency, the formula should be re-applied every 2 to 3-weeks.

Dr. T's formula of lemon grass, mint and garlic oil helps to repel mosquitoes NATURALLY. It is a biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly insect control alternative. For maximum efficiency apply Mosquito Repelling Granules every 2-3 weeks. 5 lbs treats up to 4,000 sq. ft.