Mosquito Dunks - 6 pack

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Mosquito Dunks by Summit Chemical, Inc.  

  • Kills Mosquitoes
  • Great for use in ponds & standing water 
  • Non-toxic: Wildlife, Pets, Fish and Child Safe
  • 1 Dunk treats 100 square feet of surface water for at least 30 days

Mosquito Dunks are the non-toxic answer to control those annoying mosquitoes. Mosquito Dunks are small, beige colored, donut-shaped rings that float on standing water. As they dissolve in the water, it releases a bacterium (B.t.i.) that kills off all species of mosquito larvae, killing the mosquitoes before they fly and bite. Mosquito Dunks are great for use in ponds, bird baths, rain barrels or any place where water collects and remains for extended periods of time.