Mosquito Free Water (8 oz.)

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Mosquito Free Water by Care Free Enzymes

  • A natural way to stop mosquitoes and flies
  • Tension eliminator
  • Stops mosquitoes from landing on water and laying eggs
  • Safe for pets, birds, plants, fish and other wildlife
  • Will work on any standing or circulating water
  • 8 oz bottle will treat thousands of gallons

Mosquitoes need water or they will dehydrate and die. Female mosquitoes also need water to deposit eggs on. Mosquitoes have the ability to land on the surface of water where they are able to drink and lay eggs. Water tension is what allows mosquitoes to land on the surface of the water and not sink. Mosquito Free Water naturally removes water tension, making it impossible for mosquitoes to land; instead they sink and drown. (mosquitoes cannot swim)

Mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of the water where they are allowed to develop and hatch. Taking away the tension of the water makes it impossible for the eggs to survive, therefore not allowing them to develop into adult mosquitoes.

Flies cannot land on water treated with Mosquito Free Water! (Flies cannot swim either)

DIRECTIONS: Weekly, spray entire surface of water that you want to treat. Can be used anywhere water is allowed to stand such as bird baths, flowerpots, dishes, rain barrels, old tires, etc. A fine mist is all that is necessary. If a film appears on the water surface in less than a week, spray twice per week or as often as film appears. Follow directions closely.


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