BioSteps 10 Filter (without UV)

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BioSteps 10 Filter by Matala Water Technology 

  • Mechanical & Biological Filtration 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Built-in overflow safety 
  • Optional UV Clarifier (sold separately) 
  • For pond sizes up to 2,700 gallons 

The BioSteps 10 Filter, without UV, combines both mechanical and biological filtration for better water quality. It contains 200 square feet of surface area for beneficial bacteria growth and has a flow rate up to 1,060 GPH per unit. Multiple units can be combined for larger or heavily stocked Koi Ponds. The BioSteps 10 features a cross-flow pattern to trap more dirt at high flows without plugging up and has a sloped bottom with an extra sink outlet for an easy draining of waste. 

PLEASE NOTE: Optional UV Clarifier and Spillway are not included. Each optional item is sold separately and is not needed for the BioSteps 10 Filter to function.

BioSteps 10 Filter Specs  

BioSteps 10 Filter Pond Installation Specs

Multiple BioSteps 10 Filter