GEL Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculant

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  • Ideal for skimmer and filter media
  • Easy-to-Use, Flip-Top Squeeze Bottle
  • Helps organisms quickly attach filter media
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GEL Filter Pad Bacterial Inoculant by Ecological Laboratories, Inc.(Microbe-Lift)

The GELFilter Pad Bacterial Inoculant quickly attaches to and populates any filter media including foam, strapping, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc. It will help to re-establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your pond’s environment quickly. In fact, it contains naturally occurring biopolymers, helping organisms quickly attach to the media allowing for an 80% reduction in filter start-up time! It will also help restore this activity to your filter when you clean or change the media in your filter.

Available Sizes:

  • 8 oz. treats up to 200 gals. (for 4 treatments)
  • 16 oz. treats up to 1,000 gals. (for 5 treatments)
  • 32 oz. treats up to 5,000 gals. (for 5 treatments)