Golden Orfe

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Golden Orfe (Leuciscus idus)

Golden Orfe are a hardy fish with typical oranges and pigments common in pond fish.  They are a schooling fish and can die if alone in a body of water.  Orfe are also carnivores, largely eating insects, snails and other animals small enough to consume (they'll even eat fry) so their diets need to be supplemented.  They're also great jumpers.  Ensure to check the restrictions and legality of Golden Orfe in your area as in others they're considered an invasive species.

  • Available sizes range from 3" to 8"
  • Availability is limited, call ahead.
  • Illegal in Michigan, Oregon, and Washington (double check your area!)
  • Orange and White patterning and colorations
  • Voracious eaters

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