Pond Kits - Extra Large

We do not stock kits. Kits are special ordered & ship from the manufacturer. We do have supplies to create any size feature & piece together a ‘kit’ for you. This is at the regular price of each item as it will be custom to your project at hand.
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Extra Large Pond Kits by Atlantic Water Gardens

  • Energy efficient pumps keep operating costs under control
  • Everything all in one box
  • Includes: Skimmer, FilterFalls, pump and accessories
  • Includes LED lighting to extend the enjoyment of the water feature into the evening

Atlantic Pond Kits save you time and money by avoiding costly mismatching and multiple trips to the store. Pond Kits include a Skimmer, FilterFalls, pump and accessories are designed to work together to eliminate any guesswork. The energy efficient pumps help to keep operating costs under control.

Save time and money when you are building a pond and choose the extra large pond kit - available at Water X Scapes.

TECH TIP FOR ADDING STREAM BEDS: Don’t forget stream liner! When ordering your Pond Kit simply add liner, tubing and a coupling for a stream that will really accent your pond. For Extra Large Pond Kits add a 15’ x 20’ liner, 3” x 50’ roll of PVC Flex Pipe tubing and 3” coupling for streams up to 18 feet long.