Pond Netting

$25.99 - $67.99
  • ½” x ½” hole size
  • Helps keep debris out of your pond
  • Helps protect your fish from heron & other animals         
  • Includes 12 Net Stakes
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Pond Netting by Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic's Pond Netting is made from a durable UV-resistant poly netting and comes with 12 UV-resistant Net Stakes for an easy installation. Ultra Pond Nets help in keeping leaves and other unwanted debris out of your pond water. Netting also adds an extra line of protection for your fish from heron and other animals.

TECH TIP: To prevent leaves from decomposing and fouling the water, stretch your pond netting as tightly as possible over your water feature just before the leaves begin to fall. This will help keep the leaves from accumulating below the water level.

Atlantic Pond Netting available in many different sizes at Hoffman's Water X Scapes,