About Us

Who is Water X Scapes?

Water X Scapes is a premier U.S. retail pond and water gardening supply company located in Northeast Ohio. We've been in business for over 40 years specializing in ponds, water gardens, and features for homes and businesses. Our business is dedicated to offering high quality, name brand, pond supplies at low prices and often below MSRP. Check back frequently for new products and discounts or sign up for our free newsletter to have them delivered to your inbox weekly.

We're not just buyers and sellers; we're pond keepers!
Not a single expert, but a team of pond experts!  We're dedicated to educating everyone for a successful pond experience from the very beginning. 

Why Buy From Water X Scapes?

Water gardening is our passion! For 40 years Water X Scapes has provided discerning homeowners and enthusiasts the right supplies for installing and upkeeping ponds, fountains, pondless waterfalls and more. The Water X Scapes Team is dedicated to helping people find the right information and the right products.

With decades of combined knowledge we aim to arm others with the information needed for installing and upkeeping water gardens just like we would our own. Shop with confidence as our experience in water gardening and the products we sell ensures you'll find the right tools for the job; whether planning something new, updating something old, or keeping your current pond happy and healthy.

  • Our team has hands-on experience working with water gardens big and small. From planning and installation to maintenance and upgrading; our experience in the industry and the products that drive it is extensive.
  • Our brick and mortar garden center has hosted numerous ponds, pondless streams, and fountains over the years - all built and maintained with the same products we sell.