What is a Water Garden?

Parts of a backyard pond diaghram
backyard water garden

What Makes up a Water Garden? 

1. Underlayment and Pond Liner, think of this as the foundation to your pond. Rocks, stone and pebbles can be used to make it look more natural. 
2. Pump: Your pond pump is like the ‘heart’ of your pond. It is the main source for water circulation. 
3. Skimmer Box provides mechanical filtration for your pond. It houses and protects your pump while cleaning surface debris and suspended particles that can cloud your water, from your pond. 
4. Waterfall Box, also known as FilterFalls, has a double role. It is the starting point to a waterfall which helps circulate the pond while adding beauty. It also becomes a biological filter, when using proper water treatments, that help convert toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates, which is plant food.
5. Hose leads from the pond pump to the waterfall box. Having properly fitted hose is important as it will allow adequate amounts of water to flow through your pond filtration system. 
6. Aquatic plants come in so many different colors, sizes and types – like water lilies, lotus, marginals, floaters, submerged, etc. Pond plants play a role in natural filtration, adds a line of protection for pond fish and adds both beauty and dimension to your pond. 
7. Aeration is very important, especially if you have fish in your pond. It increases water circulation - helping debris get filtered through the skimmer box and provides crucial oxygen for fish while promoting the process done by your biological filtration. We recommend running a pond aeration system 24/7, 365 days a year.
8. Fish can sometimes be seen as high maintenance but that does not have to be true. They are fun additions to anyone’s pond, and with the right equipment installed, can be very easy to care for. Pond fish – including koi, goldfish, fantails, shubunkins, and many other varieties can be added to your pond to bring enjoyment and life. They also will snack on algae, like string algae, helping to reduce maintenance. 


• Beneficial Bacteria colonizes within your biological pond filter, breaks down ammonia from fish waste and decomposing debris and turns it into Nitrates - nutrients for your pond plants.
• Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for fish and pond plants by releasing chlorine, detoxifying ammonia and heavy metals and protecting the slime coat on pond fish.
• Sludge & Muck Remover is used to enhance the good pond bacteria, and stimulate the enzyme activity in reducing sludge and muck in the bottom of the pond.
• Algaecides are chemical treatments designed to oxidize and kill algae growth in pond water.
• Flocculants will bind and clump suspended particles that cloud the pond water, creating a clearer appearance.
• Pond Salt is used as a preventative measure to reduce fish stress. It may also be used in higher concentrations to treat several, but not all, fungal and parasitic problems.
• Crushed Oyster Shells is a natural pond water treatment used to replace calcium carbonate in the water which aids in “buffering” and reducing pH swings.
By understanding what components make up a pond, you can have a vacation in your backyard every day with your very own Water Garden - or Garden Pond, Backyard Pond, Koi Pond - whatever you prefer to call it… 


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