Koi & Pond Fish

Koi Fish & Pond Fish Supplies

Koi and other pond fish are beautiful and fun additions to any water garden or pond. Standard Koi fish, Select Koi, Japanese Koi and Butterfly Koi fish are available here at Hoffman’s Water X Scapes. These elegant pond fish come in sizes ranging from 2-16 inches, sometimes even larger! No two koi are alike, as they each have unique patterns and colorful markings that include white, red, orange, black and more colors. Other pond fish carried at Hoffman’s include goldfish, fantails, gambusia - otherwise known as mosquito fish, golden orfes, sarasa comets, shubunkins, black moors, tadpoles and trapdoor pond snails - all available for purchase at our Uniontown location throughout the year.

Trust Hoffman’s for exciting and fun-to-watch koi and other pond fish, and visit our showroom or order all your fish pond supplies from us all year-round.