What's a Pondless Water Feature?

3 Types of Pondless Water Features: 
1. Pondless Water Feature with Basin 
2. Self-contained Water Feature
3. Pondless Water Features with Eco Blox

Pondless Water Features with a Basin
ONE: Pondless Water Features with Basin can include bubbling pottery, bubbling stone, formal falls and other types of bubbling objects.
1. Basins create the foundation to your pondless water features. pre-fabricated fountain basins make installing a garden fountain, with low flow and little splash, easy to install. They provide built-in support for stability and an easy access for pump install and maintenance. 
2. Pump:  Each pump should be sized for circulating water through your fountain focal piece and fit into the basin. 
3. Tubing: Tubing size will vary according to the flow rate of the pump chosen and the water flow affect desired for your feature. 
4. Diverter: If more than one focal piece is being used, you will need a manifold to divert water from one pump to two or three feature pieces. Each outlet on the diverter has a ball valve used to control water flow to each piece. 
5. Water Feature Focal Piece (basalt columns, pottery, stone, etc.) Featured pieces should have a diameter that fits within the edges of the basin. Water running over and splashing from the focal piece should be fully caught by the basin underneath. 
6. Pebbles, Gravel, or decorative glass: Top dress the basin around the bottom of the featured focal piece. Decorative Stone, gravel, or glass pieces will cover the basin giving it the appearance that the water is flowing back into the ground. 
7. Autofill: (optional) An auto fill is connected to a constant water source and installed inside the basin at water level. As water evaporates from your feature, the auto fill float lowers with the water level and opens a valve that allows the feature to fill again. It closes the valve once the water level reaches full capacity.

Self-contained Yard Fountains and Pondless Water Features
TWO: Self-contained Fountains and Water Features are pre-cast statuary fountains (usually made from cast stone, ceramic or concrete). They are easy to set up with very little extra work. Just make sure it’s level and add water! The basin and plumbing are already built in, and a pump usually comes with it direct from the manufacturer.

Pondless Water Features with an Eco Blox Basin
THREE: Pondless Water Features with an Eco Blox Basin include, but are not limited to, pondless streambeds and pondless waterfalls. 
1. Underlayment protects the liner from protruding or sharp objects in the ground underneath. 
2. Liner will create the basin that contains the water for your feature. Be sure to have enough to over-lap the sides of your hole a foot or so to keep it from being pulled during settling. 
3. Eco-blox will displace the amount of stone needed for filling in the basin. This allows extra water volume within the basin to suffiently and efficiently run your water feature.
4. Pump vault houses the pump and provides easy access for maintenance and removal. It will be burried in the basin with the eco-blox allowing the pump free access to deeper water beneath the stone and gravel.
5. Pump: The pump you choose should be large enough to give you your desired water flow, but also be able to run at low elevations efficiently. It is recommended to pick a pump that flows a little heavier than you anticipate. A ball valve can always turn down the flow, but you can’t increase it without buying a whole new pump. We are always happy to help you choose your pump. 
6. Plumbing: Your plumbing will consist of hose, fittings (pump discharge assembly), and a ball valve to control your water flow. 
7. Gravel & rocks: Fill in the basin around the Eco-blox with stone large enough that won’t fit through the mesh siding of the blox. Cover over the top of everything with gravel and decorative stone to hide the basin and liner and fill the hole up to ground level.  
8. Focal piece: Large bubbling stone fountains, numerous bubling rocks, waterfalls and streams can be added to a pondless basin for dramtic water movement and sound.


• Algaecides are chemical treatments designed to oxidize and kill algae growth in fountain water and on the rocks of a stream. 
• Muck Eraser Pellets are made up of a sludge removing blend of 100% natural ingredients, containing beneficial bacteria, to help reduce sludge and muck from in between the rocks and gravel in the basin, caused by organic build up.
• Ionizers use a copper anode within the plumbing to release small amounts of copper into the water of your fountain or water feature, thus preventing the growth of algae.