Pond Liner & Underlayment

The base and foundation to your water garden, backyard pond or water feature starts with pond liner and pond underlayment for necessary water retention. 45-mil. EPDM, fish-friendly rubber pond liners combine design, flexibility, long-term durability and easy installation - making pond lining an ideal choice for a variety of waterscape applications, including reflective ponds, decorative ponds, water gardens, koi ponds, hardscapes, streams and much more.

Pond underlayment creates a barrier between your pond liner and any sharp or abrasive objects below, such as rocks, gravel, ridges, etc. Use of pond underlayment increases the integrity of your pond liner by 400% and we recommend its use! Please contact Water X Scapes if you have any questions on this simple but remarkably vital base technology for your pond or water garden. We are here to provide information and to help you build and maintain your recreational water resource.