Pond Fish Food & Care

Koi Fish Food

It is crucial for the health and longevity of your koi and pond fish to feed them properly throughout the entire year. To ensure happy and healthy pond fish, we have the proper, high-quality koi fish food varieties available for use in the proper season – including summer fish food and winter fish food and koi fish food to boost fish immunity.

Read our blog posts on “When to Feed Your Pond Fish in the Spring” and “When to Stop Feeding Your Fish for Winter” for advice on knowing when and what type of fish food to feed your pond fish during the different seasons of the year.

Pond Fish Care Accessories

Koi and other pond fish require a little extra TLC – tender loving care! We have all the fish pond supplies and fish care accessories needed to maintain healthy pond fish and eco-systems. If you have pond fish, one of the most crucial thing is to test for the proper pH, nitrites, nitrates, carbonate, general hardness, ammonia, phosphates and salt levels in your pond water. Making sure you keep an eye on the water temperature is also important because it plays a role in how you treat your pond and pond fish.

Pond test kitsthermometers for pondsa variety of koi fish foodpond netting and more pond care accessories are available at Hoffman’s Water X Scapes online and at our Uniontown showroom location.