Parade of Ponds

Akron Children's Hospital Burn Unit FundraiserEvery other July (the even years) we host the Parade of Ponds - a community event that benefits the AKRON CHILDREN’S BURN UNIT. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the burn unit. Over the years, we have raised more than $28,200 in donations. Join us and enjoy some of Northeast Ohio’s most beautiful and relaxing ponds and water features. 

 2020 Parade of Ponds Tour Dates:

Weekend 1 (south of route #224): July 11-12
Under the Lights: Friday July 17
Weekend 2 (north of route #224): July 18-19


Would you like to have your water feature or pond featured in the Parade of Ponds?

Entry Deadline: Wednesday April 6th

Sign up now by clicking here! 

Take a Look at some Past Parade of Ponds Tour Stops:

The Parade of Pond's is a great way to see how awesome water can be. There are TONS of different ways to create a fun environment with water; Koi ponds, waterfalls, stream beds, pond-less water features, water gardens, unique bubbling features and more. Every water feature has a different story and the Parade of Ponds gives you the opportunity to learn more.

Maybe you are planning on building some type of water feature and need ideas, maybe you already have a water feature and would like to add to it, or maybe you just need something different to do to fill your weekend plans, the Parade of Ponds is great for any of these reasons and more. 

If you have any questions, email