Parade of Ponds

Hoffman's Water X Scapes is no longer hosting a Parade of Ponds event.


What is the Parade of Ponds?

The Parade of Ponds is a great way to see how awesome water can be. There are TONS of different ways to create fun environments with water; Koi ponds, waterfalls, stream beds, pond-less water features, water gardens, unique bubbling features and more. Every water feature has a different story and the Parade of Ponds gives you the opportunity to learn more while viewing wonderful examples of what can be accomplished. The Parade of Ponds event takes place bi-annually over two weekends in July.akronchildrenslogolarge.png

Hoffman's Water X Scapes hosts the Parade of Ponds community event; benefiting the Akron Children's Hospital Burn Unit.One hundred percent of the event proceeds go directly to the hospital burn unit. Over the years, the Parade of Ponds event has raised more than $29,000 in donations.