Rock And Waterfall Cleaner

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  • Commercial strength
  • Quickly and effectively cleans ponds, rocks, and waterfalls
  • Easy application; simply pour into an area with the most active water movement
  • Safe for use around pets, fish, plants, and wildlife
  • Size: 32oz.
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3.25 (in)
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Rock & Waterfall Cleaner Liquid

EasyPro Rock and Waterfall Cleaner is a safe and powerful oxygen-based cleaner for ponds, waterfalls, rock features, fountains and more. Safe for use in ornamental ponds, fish and koi ponds, fountains, waterfall features, and more.

Directions for use:
Apply 1 fluid ounce per 300 gallons of water once a week. Can be applied directly to the pond. Product can be mixed in a bucket of pond water to evenly spread around pond or fountain. For best results apply in the morning under sunny, calm conditions. Debris can be removed from pond by skimmer or net. Application can be repeated every 3 days until desired results are achieved. Use when pH is between 7.0 to 8.0.

Rock And Waterfall Cleaner Liquid Safety Data Sheet