Pondless Basins & Vaults

Fountain Basins
Fountain basins are crucial to create a fully functioning and beautiful fountain or water feature. Basins have the strength needed to support your water feature while having the space to house the water, plumbing, pump and other necessary fittings needed for your fountain. Hoffman’s Water X Scapes has fountain basins of many different sizes available that will support the many sizes, types and styles of fountains and water features that can be installed in your home or pond/water garden. Check them all out below!

Pump Vaults
Pump Vaults allow for easy access to your plumbing systems and protect pumps, ionizers, ball valves and other plumbing needed for water features. They are strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy rocks resting on them while allowing for easy access for pump maintenance, adjustments and care throughout the active season. See these handy, protective containers below.

Eco-Blox (Reservoir Cubes)
Eco-Blox create a sturdy underground reservoir space for large amounts of water to be stored easily and economically for your water features of all shapes and sizes. They are great for pondless, fountain, bog and rain-harvesting applications. Eco-Blox hold more water in a smaller volume, reducing your basin size and saving labor, time and money versus a gravel-filled reservoir. See all these innovative reservoir cubes below.