Pump Vaults

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• Holds pumps, plumbing, etc.
• Built from strong poly material
• Big enough for multiple pumps
• Pump Vault Extensions available
• Easily accessible cover
• Lifetime Warranty

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Pump Vaults by Atlantic Water Gardens

Pump Vaults are built to be extremely strong to protect your pumps and plumbing for your underground water storage systems. These are big enough to fit pumps, ionizers, check valves and auto fill valves. The covers provide easy access to the pumps, plumbing and accessories housed inside. Pump vault extensions are also available and easy to install if you need to increase the height of the Vault in those deeper, larger basins. Each pump vault extension allows for another layer of Eco-Blox!

Pump Vaults available at Hoffman's Water X Scapes.

Many different style and sizes of pump vaults are available for purchase at Hoffman's Water X Scapes.

Pump vaults are crucial to your pondless water feature build. Learn more about the process and buy your pond supplies online with Hoffman's Water X Scapes.

TECH TIP: Atlantic’s Eco-Blox and Pump Vaults make excellent, easy to maintain bog filters. With a perforated pipe under Eco-Blox, the Pump Vaults act as a clean-out for up flow bogs of any size. Pond water pumped into the bottom of the Eco-Blox reservoir sheds velocity which causes sediment to settle out. Plants set in a thin layer of gravel on top of the Eco-Blox remove fine solids and nitrates. Simply flush the chamber from above into the Pump Vault to remove sediment. 

pump vault tech tip from atlantic water gardens