FilterFalls Biological Filters

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FilterFalls Biological Filters by Atlantic Water Gardens

  • Strong Design
  • Easy to camouflage
  • Aerates your pond
  • Lifetime Warranty on the enclosure

FilterFalls offer great filtration options. It makes a great addition to your skimmer and is designed to expand your filter capacity as ponds get older and the pond life grows. The FilterFalls strong and spacious design is built to hold up to six Matala filter mats and a variety of bio media to improve filtration and can easily be camouflaged. It comes with an installation kit, male thread adapter and 1-piece liner flange.

Atlantic Water Garden's Filterfalls Waterfall Spillway Filtration

Atlantic Water Garden's Filterfalls Waterfall Spillway Filtration

Filterfalls Product Specs

Did You Know?
Atlantic's custom cut Matala Filter Kits add tremendous surface area for biological activity, with 62 square feet of surface area available for bacterial colonization in every square foot of black mat, 96 square feet for the green and 124 square feet for the blue. Each Matala Kit adds over 300 square feet of biological filtration to your pond.