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‘Garden and Pond’ Quick-Connect Splitters & Extension Cords by Aquascape, Inc.

  • Quick connect fittings
  • Easy to Install
  • Eliminates splicing cords
  • Connects multiple cords
  • Weather-proof connections

Aquascape's Extension Cords provides an additional 25-feet allowing for a quick and easy extension of lighting. The quick-connect, weather-proof connections eliminates the need to splice wiring. These extension cords are ideal for Aquascape's 12-volt transformers.

Aquascape's Splitters provide a simple connection of multiple quick-connect Aquascape lighting features to a single transformer. The quick-connect fittings are quick and easy to install and there is no need to splice and manually connect cables together. Multiple quick-connect splitters can be chained together to attach even more Aquascape light fixtures together.