Pond Underlayment (12' width)


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Pond Underlayment (6 oz.)

  • 12 ft. wide roll : $0.74 per square foot
  • Non-woven, needle-punched fabric
  • Puncture resistant fabric
  • Sturdy, clean & safe material for installation under pond liners
  • Protects pond liners from sharp objects, like rocks
  • Provides support over soft areas

Pond underlayment is designed to protect your pond liners for installation in ponds, water features, streams, waterfalls and other waterways. It creates a barrier between the pond liner and any sharp or abrasive objects below, such as rocks, gravel, ridges, etc. Pond liner often experiences stress points due to the volume of water that sits above.

Many people use materials like cardboard, sand, old carpet padding or newspapers trying to protect the pond liner. These materials are okay but will usually rot away, fall apart or become torn. Materials like that can cause a variety of problems in the future. Underlayment is a long lasting, durable solution to ensure a solid foundation for your pond or water feature.


PLEASE NOTE: Pond Underlayment sized 300 square feet (12' x 25) and larger will need to be shipped via truck. You will receive special delivery instructions as you will need to be present for delivery.