Atlantic Skimmers

$257.99 - $847.99
  • Very strong design
  • “Super flow” weir door
  • Big enough to store pumps and plumbing
  • Lifetime Warranty on the enclosure
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Atlantic Skimmers

Atlantic Pond Skimmers protect your pumps and plumbing while removing any surface debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pond. Altantic’s skimmers have a super flow weir door that maximizes the skimming efficiency. The strong and secure lid makes it easy to camouflage.

Atlantic Pond Skimmer Product Manual

 Pond Skimmer Features

Did You Know?
The PS3000 Satellite Skimmer is one of the most versatile skimmers ever made. Plumbed to larger Skimmers, it’s the perfect add-on to draw and clean water from hard-to-reach areas. Used with a bottom drain or an external pump, the PS3000 is the industry’s only skimming pre-filter. Fitted with a Mag Drive pump it’s a stand alone skimmer with a 13” footprint. Installs inside or outside the liner for maximum flexibility.


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