Black Waterfall Foam

  • Expandable black waterfall foam
  • Fills in cracks, seals & secures stone to liners
  • Hand foam cans have a patented trigger system which allows multiple uses
  • Can be reused for up to two to three weeks
  • Fish safe, non-toxic formula
  • Minimal expanding foam – fills in cracks with less trimming of excess foam
  • No foam gun needed!
  • 20 oz. Reusable Can
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EasyPro's Black Waterfall Foam expands when applied which makes it great for filling in cracks and sealing or securing stone in your waterfalls and ponds. This Black foam can be applied quickly and blends in with rocks.

Use to Waterfall Foam to help fill in cracks between rocks to prevent water from being “lost” over the waterfall. Take control of the flow of your waterfall and make it even more beautiful with EasyPro’s Black Waterfall Foam.

There is no need for a foam gun to apply this formula, just use the straw and trigger.