The Benefits of Barley Straw Products: What Does Barley do for a Pond?

The Benefits of Barley Straw Products: What Does Barley do for a Pond?

The Wonders of Barley Straw

Everyone has an aversion to seeing algae growing in their beautiful water garden, but where there is water, sunlight and nutrients, algae will grow. Let’s explore a natural solution to keeping that unsightly green stuff at bay…Barley Straw Products!

What does Barley Straw do for a Pond?

Barley straw bales, or barley straw bags,have been used for decades, to control green growth in reservoirs and canals. As the straw begins to decay in the water, it is thought to release a chemical similar to hydrogen peroxide that oxidizes and inhibits the growth of algae. Air access, circulation, time, and temperature all play a big factor in decomposing and dispersing the compound in the water. The warmer the conditions are, the faster decomposition happens. So, trying to get a jump start on the seasonal algae growth in your pond requires patience in spring as it may take 4-6 weeks for barley straw to start working.

Keep in mind, barley straw does not kill existing algae. It may only inhibit the growth of new algae. In some instances other pond water treatments may still be necessary. Once the straw bales have fully decomposed, there is still rotting material that needs to be taken out of your pond - before it turns into muck, which just becomes nutrients that feeds more algae. **One bale of barley straw will be affective for approximately three to four months.

What is the Alternative to Barley Bales?

Barley Straw Extracts have taken the waiting… and mess, out of the bales. Besides, if you have a small water feature, where do you have room to float a full-sized straw bale? Barley Straw Extract goes to work as soon as it is poured into the water and is specially formulated to balance pond water and improve water clarity with no residual.

As you can see, barley straw treatments can be used like a natural algae control in your pond or water garden. Use of barley straw in conjunction with a beneficial bacteria and good pond maintenance practices will allow for an algae free water garden all season long.