Benefits of a Bog Garden for Ponds

Benefits of a Bog Garden for Ponds

"So, what is a bog?" 

Bog gardens exist in nature - in low-lying areas, or around ponds, lakes or streams. Bog plants love overly moist soil, that is waterlogged, but not standing. As pond owners, we can use this idea to our benefit. Adding a bog garden to your pond not only increases the natural beauty, but also provides great filtration for your pond water. 


"Why should I build a bog filter?" 

  • Koi fish enthusiasts know how much their fish LOVE to eat plants in the pond. It can prove difficult to keep the plants necessary to filter your pond water and that provide the necessary shade and protection for fish. The bigger you want your koi to grow, the more you feed them, right? This, speeds up their metabolism and leads to more scavenging. 
    • Adding a bog garden can relocate those pond plants to a place where your koi and other pond fish can not get to them and now your filtration stays intact. 
  • A heavy fish load requires as much filtration as you can get. 
    • Extra ammonia buildup from fish waste can cause several problems including fish death. 
      • So, pulling water from the bottom of the pond into a bog area will greatly reduce that risk. 
      • A bog garden will create extra biological filtration, in addition to your main biological pond filter, to help combat the extra ammonia from added fish waste. 
  • A pond in a location devoid of sunlight will make it difficult to grow aquatic plants. 
    • Adding a bog garden, to a far corner that reaches the sunshine, will open up the possibilities for beautiful pond plants and improve natural filtration. 
  • A bog garden adds interest and dimension to the side of a pond. Plants used in bogs can be hardy or tropical. 
    • Hardy pond plants (will overwinter) can create a native looking nature preserve and are great for attracting wildlife. 
    • Tropical pond plants (need replaced each year) can create a tropical looking oasis. Making it great for a “stay-cation.” 

different styles of a bog filter for your pond

Learn more on how to build a bog filter here

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