3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building a Pond

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building a Pond

Every pond is like a snowflake or a thumbprint, no two are exactly the same. But often times, these same 3 topics get overlooked or underestimated in the pond planning and designing stages. 


  • Low lying areas in the yard, that already collect water, can cause water to build up under your liner and push it up out of the ground. 
  • Underground utilities may also be a restriction – if you are in Ohio be sure to call 811 before you dig to ensure a safe construction site. Learn more about OHIO811 (OUPS) by clicking here.
  • You do not want your water feature to be “out of sight, out of mind.” A pond is best located where you will be spending the majority of your leisure time. 
  • Being able to see your pond from inside the house will help in extending the ponding season - and allow you to keep an eye on things during winter months. 
  • Waterfalls leading or pointing away from your home or patio will direct the sound away - as well as creating a visual for your neighbor instead of for you. 

2. SIZE 

  • One of the first regrets of a pond owner, especially after their first build, is “not going big enough.” 
    • Keep in mind; when the hole you have dug is filled in with liner, stone, water and plants, the size seems to shrink. 
  • A larger pond is much easier to maintain and keep balanced than a small one. 
  • The size of your pond may also determine the size, number and type of fish you can stock it with. 
    • For example, a pond that holds less than 1,000 gallons of water is not ideal or recommended for koi fish. A koi is capable of doubling, or even tripling its size in one season. So, they will need lots of growing room. 


  • Ledges inside the pond are important for pond plant placement. 
  • Having Pond Plants is a crucial part of your ponds filtration and eco-system. 
  • Pond plants help “soften” the edges of the pond as well as hiding edges from predators. 
  • Pond plants require different levels or depths of water: learn more here

Are you planning to build a pond? If so, be sure to consider these 3 things; size, location and ledges - as they are very important when planning and designing that backyard pond of your dreams. 

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