How to Make a Floating Island for your Pond – Learn about the Benefits Today

How to Make a Floating Island for your Pond – Learn about the Benefits Today

Making the Most of your Floating Plants and Floating Planter 

Whether your water garden has plant ledges or not, you can still reap the benefits of floating pond plants with island planters. 

There are numerous amounts of aquatic marginal plants that can be used to create a floating plant island, but did you know that some terrestrial plants will do well also? 


  • Pick your Planter – Floating planters come in various sizes and styles. You can have one pot or several. You may also choose to contain your floating pond plants, like water hyacinth and lettuce, in a round feeder ring. 


  • Select your Soil for Pond Plants - Most aquatic plants do not need soil to grow in pond water. Microbe Lift’s Aquatic Planting Media will allow for plant roots to grow through the bottom of the planter and take its nutrients directly out of the water. Terrestrial plants that “just like to get their toes wet” need a clay based Aquatic Soil to properly get established and provide support. 
  • Choosing your Pond Plants - With so many choices, this is the time to get creative! Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your plants for floating pond islands: 
    • Smaller planters (like the creeper island) need smaller or lower growing plants. Tall plants like Taro, Canna and Iris have a tendency to get top heavy and cause the smaller islands to tilt or flip over in the pond. Try pond plants like Creeping Jenny, Corkscrew Rush or Impatiens. 
    • Plants that grow full or spread like a ground cover (Astilbe, Ajuga or Sweet Potato Vine) will cover the planter edges nicely to hide the planter and act as an accent plant in larger islands (like the Sundial). Place lower growing plants around the edges and taller ones in the middle. 
    • Mix it up a little bit. All of your planters do not have to be the same. Take advantage of different colors and textures to create beautiful, eye-catching floating islands. 
    • Any terrestrial plants used may go through a slight shock period while adjusting to the water. Be patient and watch for new growth. As the plants bounce back, they will begin to grow full and be gorgeous! (Not all terrestrial plants will adapt to water, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment.) 

So, you have created your floating planter. Now it’s time tether that island or feeder ring to the side of your pond, set it a sail and enjoy its beauty – and benefits! 

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