Keeping Unwanted Critters out of your Pond

Keeping Unwanted Critters out of your Pond

One problem pond owners sometimes run into are when predators come in and get to our beloved fish. This can be both annoying and heartbreaking. Below are a few tips by using decoys, netting, plants and shelters to keep those predators out and your pond and fish safe.


Pond accessories like pond decoys of wolves, owls, cranes and aligators will keep unwanteed critters from your pond and keep your pond fish safe and tranquil!

Heron Problems:Blue Heron Decoy can be placed by your pond to help keep the real Herons away from your fish. Herons are very territorial birds. So, when they see a Blue Heron Decoy, they should go find a different spot to land, away from your pond, because they will want to avoid any conflict. Periodically move your Blue Heron Decoy around your ponds perimeter for best results.

Geese, Ducks & other Waterfowl Problems: Alligator Decoys help keep away geese, ducks and other waterfowl. The Alligator Decoy floats in your pond water, naturally moving with the wind or movement of your pond water, scaring away these pesky birds. Birds are instinctively scared of alligators.

Bird & Smaller Critter Problems: Owl Decoys are great for around your pond, or garden, to help keep birds and those smaller critters away. It acts as a scarecrow to scare away those small rodents and birds looking to find their way into your pond. Some Owl Decoys will even rotate to help keep your pond or garden safe.

A Coyote Decoy will also help to keep the smaller animals away from your pond. Geese, ducks, skunks, rabbits and other types of rodents will not want to go near your pond if they see a coyote guarding it!


Pond netting is a protective and unobtrusive strategy for protecting your pond fish from hungry prowlers by day or by night.
Covering and protecting your pond with netting not only acts as a barrier, protecting your fish from the outside world, but also keeps unwanted debris, like leaves, out of your pond. Netting is very easy to install and can be staked around your pond to keep it in place. Make sure when staking your net down that it is tight enough so that if leaves fall on the netting it does not fall down into the water.


Pond plants both of the hardy pond plants veriety and the tropical variety help to provide shelter where pond fish can hide from airbourne predators.
Pond plants have many important roles, one of which is acting as protection for your fish. Pond plants like Water Lilies, floating plants and Lotus, just to name a few, provide shade for your fish as well as a place to hide. Pond plants like these, that cover the surface of your water, make your fish less noticeable to predators.


Pond accessories and water garden supplies like helpful koi kastles give fish a place to rest and hide in peace from lurking predators.
Fish shelters, like Koi Kastles or building ledges and shelves in your pond, give your fish places to take cover and hide from predators.

These are just a few ways that can help protect your pond and pond fish from predators. There are a number of other deterrents and creative ways to do so as well. Remember, sometimes critters can be persistent. It might take some time and even various methods to get rid of those critters and to keep them away. Using a combination of methods might be more effective too. Good luck and happy ponding!