Planting Zones for your Pond Plants

Planting Zones for your Pond Plants

This Planting Zone diagram for pond plants will help you manage the placement of water lilies, lotus, marginals, bog, submerged and floating pond plants.

Zone 1: Bog plants (moisture loving plants) 
> Planting depths of 0-1/2 inch. 
>> The crown of the plant should be just above the water line with its roots in moist/boggy soil. 

Zone 2: Marginals 
> Planting depths of 0-10 inches 

Zone 3: Deep Marginals & Submerged Aquatics (like Hornwort & Anacharis) 
> Planting depths of 6-10 inches 

Zone 4: Water Lilies, Lotus & other deep-water plants 
> Summer planting depths of 12-24 inches  l  Winter planting depths of 20-24 inches 

Zone 5: Floaters (like Water Lettuce & Water Hyacinth) 
> Free floating plants simply float on the waters surface with its roots hanging just below the surface