Ponds Aren’t Just for Fish Anymore

Ponds Aren’t Just for Fish Anymore

Ever consider what your water garden can be used for besides homing your favorite pond fish? Let’s take a look at the versatility of your back yard oasis.

What is a pool but a hole in the ground capable of holding water so that on the hottest days you can take a refreshing dip? Ever jump off the side of a boat or a dock into a lake stocked with a variety of fish and aquatic plants? Or take that plunge swinging from the root or rope that’s tied securely to the tree overhanging the shore? Bring the beauty of a natural pond and the relaxation of a pool together right in your back yard. It’s time to join the green movement and incorporate your R and R with a chemical free holistic lifestyle. 

Natural pools have been surprisingly popular in Europe for decades; with a reputation of using less energy than a swimming pool due to no heating costs, less water due to less evaporation, wildlife friendly treatments with a biological filter, and beautiful plants to naturalize the look. Any of this sound familiar? Water garden enthusiasts are starting to catch on that their back yard koi pond can be so much more.

Unlike a traditional rectangular, chemically treated swimming pool, a natural pool is often designed to imitate ponds, or other bodies of water in the wild—they can have irregular shapes, along with rocks, waterfalls, plants, and boulders. Soft green grass can be planted right up to the edges instead of poured concrete. Build a deck or dock out into the water for jumping and diving. You can even add a beach for wading or sunbathing. All the while, bog plants around the edges will be busy filtering as well as looking pretty.

If you have the space for a pool and a pond… why not combine them into one and save space for your outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Contact us for more info on natural pools. Hoffman’s Water X Scapes is always excited to plan new projects with you.