It Is Better to Give Than to Receive | Ronald McDonald House Charities

It Is Better to Give Than to Receive | Ronald McDonald House Charities

Charity is the act of extending love and kindness to others unconditionally. This is a conscious act, but the decision is made by the heart. Our hearts, this year, are pouring out for, and with, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Ohio, Inc. (RMHC®NEO) and the comfort that they have brought to so many families at the Ronald McDonald House in Akron; including a couple of our own employees here who have been directly affected.

“The Ronald McDonald House in Akron allows parents to be close by their sick children, surrounded by a warm, peaceful, and comforting atmosphere that strengthens them during trying times. Every night we provide the families that we serve with a private room and bathroom, community living areas, large kitchen area and use of our fully stocked pantry.” -

Services like this are not without expenses, however, no one in need is turned away. RMHC® NEO is a privately funded organization and is supported by a generous community.

This year, we are excited to join the RMHC®NEO Pop Tab Partner Program. These small, aluminum pull tabs are easy to collect without the sticky mess of the whole can but can add up to a lot for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. The can tabs are picked up by a local recycler and exchanged for cash. The money collected is then used to purchase things that directly benefit the families during their stay.

We are calling on you, our customers and community, to help us save can tabs. Bring your aluminum tabs with you when you stop in to see us. They can be collected at the register.