What Happens to the Frogs in my Pond During the Winter?

What Happens to the Frogs in my Pond During the Winter?

Our amphibious friends can sometimes become just as special to us as our koi fish and other pond fish, but where do they go to survive the cold winter months?

Frogs can be found hanging out at the bottom of the pond where the water temperatures are insulated a bit from the ground under the liner. Amphibians are cold-blooded just like fish, so they slow down as the pond water and their body temperature drops. Often, frogs will burrow below the frost line to wait out the cold winter months and to keep from freezing solid.

Sometimes, they mistake filter media or bio-cubes left in the bio-falls or skimmer as a safe and easy place to bury themselves for winter hibernation. Unfortunately, that may not always be deep enough. The danger in freezing is that when the ice crystals form, they can puncture cells and organs; but frogs do have a high concentration of glucose, or sugar, which is known to act as a natural antifreeze.

As you can see, your pet frogs have their own defenses and have pretty good instincts, but what can you do to help them along?

It is always a good idea to remove all your pond filters in the fall to eliminate the temptation for frogs to burrow underneath them.

Leaving a small opening under the net or a space uncovered at the pond’s edge can help them find their way back to the water in the fall.

Proper pond closing techniques, complete with a pond de-icer and aeration system, will go a long way to help as well. 

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