When to Stop Feeding your Fish for Winter

When to Stop Feeding your Fish for Winter

When and how we feed our koi and other pond fish is very important. Knowing when to stop feeding plays a crucial role in their health over the cold Winter months. 

Please keep a few things in mind when it comes time to stop feeding your fish: 

1.) Be sure you are using the proper food (low vs high protein formula) 

2.) Water temperature is VERY important 

3.) Consistently cold weather is key 

We recommend changing to a Cold Weather Fish Food (low protein) when water temperatures are between 50-70 ° F and to stop feeding completely when water temperatures are below 50 ° F and expected to stay that way. 

For instance, as of 10/23/18, our ponds here at Hoffman's Water X Scapes are around 50 ° F. However, since being we are in Ohio and the temperature is still inconsistent, we will most likely continue to feed our fish Cold Weather Fish Food for another week or so before we completely stop feeding for the Winter months ahead. 

Again, consistently cold weather is what we are looking for when knowing when to stop feeding and this Ohio weather seems to still be changing. November is typically when the weather starts to consistently stay cold. So, make sure you are keeping an eye on your water temperatures. 

Remember, water temperature and air temperature will NOT be the same.  

This fish food feeding chart helps to explain when pond fish food should be used or avoided during cold winter months.