Winter is for the Birds

Winter is for the Birds

We are not the only ones out there longingly awaiting signs of spring and warmer weather. But at least we don’t have to forage for our food under a foot of snow - or take a bath in a frozen puddle.

With your help, these charming symbols of summer will make it through the cold and brighten your bleak winter days in the meantime.

Different kinds of birds like to feed in different places: on the ground, in shrubs, or on trees. Placing your feeders at different levels mimics this effect and will attract more species.

The most popular type of food amongst blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, finches, nuthatches and titmice, is Black Oil Sunflower seeds. It is oilier and the shells are easier to crack. The extra oil in the seeds is packed with more calories that help our feathered friends store fat to stay warmer during these blustery days.

Mixed seed from grocery stores, and so on, are comprised mostly of filler— junk seeds that birds will toss aside while looking for the good stuff. Instead, look for mixes like Wild Bird Banquet. It will surely draw in and please the widest selection of songbirds!

Of course, when you are feeding birds, there are always uninvited guests who are looking for a free meal. A good deterrent would be to try using Safflower Seed. Reportedly, squirrels do not like it and will not disturb your bird feeders for it.

Before refilling your bird feeders, empty out any uneaten seed, which can grow bacteria and mold that can be deadly to birds. At least twice a year it is a good idea to scrub the insides with a bottle brush and dish soap, rinse, and let air dry. 

No food list is complete without mentioning the importance of water. In fact, birds often suffer more from lack of water than food. When temperatures plunge below freezing, providing a consistent source of water guarantees a steady stream of backyard visitors. In cold climates, birdbath heaters or deicers, prevents water from freezing so birds can drink and bathe. Energy efficient and even paintable, these birdbath de-icers can blend into your backyard setting while providing the life essential water source for the birds.

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