EasyPick Pond Pliers

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EasyPick Pond Pliers by Oase Living Water

  • Great for grabbing harder to reach objects
  • Rubberized grip for a stronger hold
  • Adjustable handle from 4.5 - 6.6 ft.
  • For easy pond care – there is no need to get wet

Consistent pond maintenance to ensure its health and beauty creates a visual effect that wows. You’ve planned impeccably, worked tirelessly, and attended to every intricate detail. Your pond is beautiful, healthy and the envy of all. The fish stock and aquatic vegetation create the perfect juxtaposition with your lush landscape. Perfection is attainable, but keeping up with Mother Nature requires commitment. Leaves, sticks and branches stand between you and total admiration. Organic clutter detracts from its beauty.

Keeping your pond debris free—while you stay dry—is in reach with the EasyPick pond pliers.

They ensure easy removal of cuttings, leaves or other debris from the pond or its banks. EasyPick pond pliers are 54 in. (4.5 ft) long, but their telescopic handle enables them to be adjusted to 6.6 ft. The rubberized handle allows for a strong grip even when extending for hard-to-reach spots. Keeping your pond free from disintegrating organic debris will contribute to a healthy environment for plants and aquatic life.