FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors

  • Great for cutting plants and branches
  • Simultaneously holds the cut plants when cutting
  • Adjustable scissor head
  • 5.2 ft handle length
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4.80 (in)
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FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors

Maintaining the perfect balance between a manicured look and an organic feel to your pond requires a commitment to ongoing maintenance—and the proper tools. Attention to detail can be the differentiator between the elegant aesthetic you envisioned for your water feature and the actual final project.

The Oase FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors feature a dual approach to vegetation maintenance — they stabilize plants while cutting them, providing stability and torque. FlexiCut 2-in-1 Pond Scissors are an excellent tool for trimming back overgrown branches and vegetation. Cut branches can then be removed from the pond with the EasyPick pond pliers.

The scissors’ head features adjustable work angles enabling efficient progress and protects the pond liner from cuts and punctures. Handle length is 5.2 ft. (1.6 meters) for hard-to-reach places. Ongoing and consistent maintenance of your pond feature—and its banks and overhanging vegetation—will ensure it remains a stunning focal point in your landscape.

Oase FlexiCut 2 in 1 pond scissors that simultaneously cut and hold pruned aquatic material.