Fountain Clear (16 oz.)

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Large Fountain Clear by Microbe-Lift

  • Helps keep water clean & clear
  • Good for indoor & outdoor waterfalls
  • Natural and safe for humans, pets, aquatic plants, lawns and other wildlife
  • Treats 6,400 gallons

Large Fountain Clear is a bio-enzymatic product specially formulated for larger water fountains is safe for birds, fish, plants and other aquatic wildlife. It will help to prevent organic contaminates from forming, like crusty white scale deposits, iron, copper and water stains. It will also help to ensure clear, sparkling water that keeps water filters and pumps free from organic debris.

Fountain Clear helps to keep fountain water clear by using two unique proprietary technologies. One system helps to prevent the buildup of stains and mineral deposits on the fountain surface while the second system uses bio-enzymatic activity to keep water clear and free from organic debris that can make the water cloudy.

DIRECTIONS: Opening the Fountain: Start with a clean fountain surface. If the fountain is dirty, clean it first. Then pour one (1) capful directly into the water for every 100 gallons. One (1) bottle treats 6,400 gallons.

Safe for all finishes.


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