Long Armed Pond Gloves


• Full Arm Length Water Garden Pond Gloves
• Suitable for all those pond jobs
• Made from heavy duty PVC with an elasticated top arm cuff
• Latex free re-usable gloves
• One size fits most
• PondH2o quality, 28 Inch Long, with 18 inch wide sleeve

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Pond h2o Long Armed Pond Gloves by United Aquatics

These heavy-duty full arm length re-usable gloves are suitable for all of those dirty aquatic jobs. Whether it’s cleaning your pond filter to getting those wet leaves out, transplanting pond plants and rocks or moving objects in your fish tank – these gloves will keep you dry. United Aquatics Long Arm Pond Gloves are made from a durable Latex Free PVC Nitrile. It features an elastic top to keep your hands and arms dry while staying resistant to any chemicals, alkali, and most solvents.

These, one size fits most, work gloves fit most sized hands and arms. They are easy to clean for repeated use by simply rinsing with water and hanging up to dry.