Typhoon Air Pumps

$131.99 - $219.99
  • Easy to clean air filter
  • Quiet
  • Oil-less
  • Weather proof housing unit
  • 6-foot cord length
  • 3 Year-Limited Warranty
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Typhoon Air Pumps by Atlantic Water Gardens

Typhoon Diaphragm Air Pumps are built to pump air for oxygenating and helping to de-ice ponds. It has a durable aluminum housing unit and an oil-less pump system. The Typhoon Air Pumps create a large volume of air at a high pressure while having minimal noise. This is a great aerator to keep a hole in the ice throughout winter resulting in happy healthy fish.

*Typhoon Air Pumps are NOT submersible. Place in a secure area far enough away from the water’s edge. 

Typhoon Diaphragm Air Pump Product Manual

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