Pond Salt Digital Tester

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Digital Pond Salt Water Tester

  • Tests your waters salt level
  • Easy to use
  • Features a backlight to easily read results on screen

Take a sample of your pond water, you can even use the cap of this digital salt tester, to find out what the level of salt is in your pond water. We recommend having a salt level of 0.08-0.1% (800-1,000 digital salt meter reading) - which is ideal for pond fish and aquatic plants. 

Pond salt is used to help reduce fish stress and in healing knocks and bumps on your koi and other pond fish. 


  1. Get a sample of pond water
  2. Turn the tester on
  3. Dip the meter tip into your pond water sample
    • Keep there until a number stays steady
    • Your number will read something like; 800 ppm
    • An ideal reading would be 800-1,000 ppm – which means there is no need to add salt
  4. Move the decimal place 4 places to the left
    • This will give you the salt percentage you are looking for.
    • For this example of 800 ppm - your actual reading is 0.08%

 *Another salt reading example: 1,000 ppm = 0.1% (moved decimal point 4 places to the left)

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