Nitrifying Bacteria Plus

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  • Improves the quality of your pond water
  • Contains Beneficial Bacteria
  • Non-toxic, will not harm aquatic life
  • Use April/May
  • 1 ounce per 625 gallons
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Nitrifying Bacteria Plus - Beneficial Bacteria

Nitrifying Bacteria Plus by Pond Basics establishes healthy growth of natural and beneficial bacteria in biological filters to help eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites. Nitrifying Bacteria Plus contains over a dozen different strains of bacteria. This unique blend of bacteria has the ability to reduce nutrients that cause fish problems. Nitrifying Bacteria Plus is a non-toxic and non-pathogenic bacterial blend that is safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife, when used as directed.

Excess nutrients and ammonia are a leading cause of problems in enclosed pond ecosystems. Using Nitrifying Bacteria Plus will greatly improve the quality of your water and health of your pond.

Use weekly for 4 weeks during late April/May when water temperatures reach a minimum of 55°F. Continue use if ammonia, nitrites or other pond problems appear.
Add 1 oz. per 625 gallons of pond water. Dilute in 1 gallon of pond water and disperse around pond.

*Non-toxic: Will not harm aquatic life. Overdosing will not harm fish, plants or wildlife.