Stress Coat

$12.48 - $73.98
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Replenishes Slime Coat
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Protects Damaged Tissue
  • Tap Water Conditioner
  • Heals Damaged Fins and Skin
  • Reduces Fish Stress
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Stress Coat by API Fish Care

Stress Coat is a unique water conditioner formulated to replace natural slime coating on the skin of pond fish such as Koi and goldfish.  Stress Coat also helps maintain internal fluids by using electrolytes.  This water conditioner contains aloe vera that assists in the healing of torn fins and damaged skin by protecting against disease-causing organisms.  Stess Coat removes chlorine and conditions tap water.  Use during setting up a new pond, changing pond water, and adding new fish.

Safe for all wildlife.

Dosage Instructions

  • Shake well
  • Determine volume of pond water
  • Add 120ml (4 ounces) for each 480 gallons of pond water
  • Double the dose for fish healing and when adding new fish