Variable Speed Controller (for TT/TW Pump Series)


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Variable Speed Controller for TT & TW Series Pumps by Atlantic Water Gardens 

  • LCD screen displays the time, flow level & the on/off timer
  • Will work even if your power goes out
  • Cord-lock function
  • Strong weather proof housing
  • Great for routine maintenance and fish feeding

The TidalWave Variable Speed Controller allows for you to fluctuate the output of Atlantic’s TT & TW-Series Asynchronous pumps wirelessly. This can be done by the remote control or Atlantic’s new mobile app! The Variable Speed Controller allows you to set on and off timers as well as dropping to 25% of the total flow, with 10 adjustment levels. This gives you the complete control to get your desired water flow.


**You can download Atlantic’s TidalWave VSC app on the App Store and Google Play, to wirelessly control your Variable Speed Controller from your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to easily handle and control multiple Variable Speed Controllers to control different water feature. App is available for both Android and Apple smart devices.

It’s simple to control multiple pumps via the TidalWave VSC mobile application. Give each VSC its own specific network name and password under “Login Settings” in the drop down menu of the app. Switch between the different Wi-Fi networks to control each one independently.

Atlantic's Variable Speed Controller to wirelessly control pond pumps