Fountain Basins

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$179.99 - $347.99
  • Self-contained water storage
  • Strong support for water features
  • Quick & easy installation process
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Fountain Basins by Atlantic Water Gardens

Using a Fountain Basin is a quick and easy way to both store water and act as a support system for water features. Ideal for your landscape or hardscape water feature designs. It is designed to be strong enough to handle those heavier loads while providing great stability for your water feature piece. These Fountain Basins feature access panel on the top which makes for an easy flow adjustment and pump access, making your routine maintenance quick and easy as well.

Atlantic Fountain Basins are the easiest way to add a water feature to your landscape even for the novice installer. Learn more at Hoffman's Water X Scapes.

Fountain Basins provide concealed water storage and support for decorative water features - get yours here.